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Praise the Lord

Happy New Year! As we wish our family mem- bers, loved ones, colleagues and friends across the world, what should we be saying. Can we go beyond the Happy New Year phrase? If we look to the first reading from today we will have an answer. It says that Yahweh asked Moses for Aaron and his sons, to bless the people with these words, “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gra- cious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

”’What a beautiful blessing! The Lord bless you and keep you - Not only should the Lord bless you but keep you in the shadow of His presence, protection and love as in Psalm 91. As you remain in His presence, His face has to shine on you. When the Father’s face shines on us darkness is dispelled and the lightness and light of God begin to fill our being. When His face shines on us, we receive a clarity we would have been otherwise searching for. When the Lord’s face shines on us, we are filled with His love and we are delivered of our darkness. To be gracious is to be kind and courteous especially to someone of a lower status. We know that we are nobody’s but God’s gracious- ness and love make us feel like sons and daughters of the Most High.

Family Ministry monthly meeting

The next Family Ministry monthly meeting will take place on 9th January 2016 at St. Anthony’s Church Hall, Kolpetty, from 6.15 to 8.30pm. Read More

Mission Trip to Australia

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Father Make Us One

A new era dawned on the morning of 31st May, as the tears of about 25000 people washed all the hurt and hatred which were deeply rooted in the hearts, been cleansed and revived by the Precious Blood of Jesus. Click here to READ MORE

Father Make Us One - Unity Vigil At the Holy Shrine of Madh


On Our Knees in His Hands

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Calling all Young Adults

Every Monday a group of young adults meet to share the word and worship God. Sometimes the worries and pressures of this world are overwhelming that you just want to give up. What does the word of God say? What is God wanting you to do at this particulare time of your life? How do you cope up with the pressures at work, home. family, relationships etc. Come join us and start experiencing the freedom Jesus longs to give you.

Join us on Mondays from 6.00pm -8.00pm onwards at St. Anthony's Convent (School) hall - Kolpity.


The CRL Was Invited To Be A Part Of Walsingham Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference &  Birmingham Catholic Charismatic Renewal  Conference - UK 2014

Close to 3000 faithful including many from the clergy in the New Dawn main camp listened in stunned silence as they were led through God’s message around “Awaken my spirit O’ Lord”. The Spirit, allowed to move freely broke through the usual structured format of the proceedings and put on a magnificent display of the gifts of the Spirit through healings and words of knowledge. Click to read more


Interview by Spirit of Life - Melbourne

Interview with Bishop Prowse"for myself personally i feel that - this particular group who have been here several years before i arrived in  the diocese  is an absolute gift from God. im delighted in this case that its been led by a married couple"  - Bishop Cristoper Prowse - Catholic Bishop of Sale (Melbourne Australia)

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Letter from Bishop Christoper Prowse - Bishop of Sale - Australia

Since becoming Bishop of Sale, almost three years ago, i have directly participated in their annual visits. I have always found their teachings to be sound in Catholic doctrine and pastoral sensitivity.

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Quiet Time Retreat - An Experience

Quiet time retreat ExperienceAs for my personal experience, I was very much moved and touched by this retreat conducted by bro. Lalith Perera and the CRL Team,  because I, as a priest, understood that the most important dimension of prayer is to “listen to what God is talking to me at my own situation in life”. Sometimes I have felt tempted to do things for God that I thought were important instead of listening to God....



Bishop Vianney Fernando Replies to the Article appeared in a news paper

"As the Bishop of Kandy and the president of the Bishops' Conference of Sri Lanka I have known Bro. Lalith Perera for many years and i am familiar with the ministry of the Community of the Risen Lord. I have overseen the overall functioning of the community on behalf of the Bishops' Conferece over the past few years and have full intimate knowledge of its functioning".

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